The Eastburn Family Murders


This is Katie Eastburn, with her daughters Erin, Kara, and Jana, who were brutally murdered on May 9th, 1985 in Fayetteville, North Carolina.


Timothy Hennis was tried, convicted, then tried, acquitted, and then tried and convicted of the Eastburn family murders, something our criminal justice system had never seen before or since.


At Hennis’ second trial, the defense brought a surprise witness, a man who looked strikingly similar to Tim Hennis, and who had been seen walking the neighborhood at the time of the crime. This man, John Raupaugh, and his testimony that he had been walking in the neighborhood, helped raise reasonable doubt and ultimately garnered Tim Hennis an acquittal


The New Yorker did an excellent write-up about this very complex case, check it out here.