Thomas and Meeks Griffin

Read the historical newspaper that reported on the murder of John Q. Lewis, and also described his personal life and a little bit more about his background here.  If you are anything like Stacy, you will have “fun” reading a newspaper article of the era!


Radio personality Tom Joyner discovered that his great-uncles, Thomas and Meeks Griffin, may have been wrongfully executed.  This launched him on a mission to then successfully garner their posthumous pardons of both men from the state of South Carolina.  Checkout the full clip that we played partially in our episode from PBS’ African American Lives here.

As promised, here is a snippet from the newspaper article that stated that Dave and Anna Davis were with friends on May 8th, 1913 at an “egg-cracking” when they headed off to commit the murder.  What kind of event must this have been? We hope nothing offensive, because Stacy quite honestly couldn’t figure it out!

Perhaps it is linked to this traditional game called “egg tapping”?


Of the countless racist articles pored through in the research for this episode, here is a non-racist opinion piece from the Oct 1, 1915 edition of South Carolina’s newspaper, The State, that helped Stacy realize that not everyone in the post-Civil War South was hopelessly racist!